LEANNE MANNING Gosfield Hall – December 2021

All I can say is that everyone needs Tara to create their wedding hairstyle! Get booked in quick with her if you want to just feel absolutely stunning on your special day! I honestly can’t recommend her highly enough. She is, as it says on her site, creative & calm, which is so important, as all us brides know, we can turn into Bridezilla! but Tara is just brilliant at what she does & has the skill & experience to do anything you are thinking of. I promise you that you will genuinely be able to arrive on the day & put your trust in her completely, to make you look the best you ever have.
I postponed my wedding at Gosfield Hall from December 2020 to December 2021 due to Covid. I changed my mind on my style completely in October 2021! But nothing was too much trouble & Tara made me look & feel exactly how I had pictured myself – I felt like Lady Gosfield!
As many people have said before me, she is just “the best” at what she does.
Thanks Tara, I know will you continue to make every bride look & feel amazing xx