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Wedding Hair by Tara

Tara offers a first class service for you and your bridal party, travelling to your Home or chosen venue in Essex to create your perfect hair for one of the most important days of your life, whether it’s a timeless classic, vintage inspired, or a Boho style you are looking for, Tara is passionate & patient so you can be confident in her 20 years of experience She will be capable of creating & recreating your red carpet look.
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara2 days ago
Anyone else got that Friday feeling? All the days roll into one don't they! ⠀

▪︎This is me Tara, make up and curls, if only I was heading out like this tonight! I haven't been doing my hair or make up since lockdown it's been quite nice having a break from it. After my pamper session, I decided to go glam curling my hair with GHDS and I must admit it was lovely to get made up.⠀

Hello to all my new followers over the last few weeks, a little bit about me-⠀
I've been hairdressing for little over 20 years (gosh I sound old!)
Specialising in bridal for around 15years. ⠀
I love Tea, I'm quite a teapot actually. I love an afternoon tea too!!!🧁
I try to read when I get the time- The holiday was the last book I read and would highly recommend... 📖⠀
My favourite holiday destination was New Zealand ,I was fortunate enough to spend a month there with friends, even doing a skydive! ⠀
Netflix is my evening friend of late, a psychological thriller is one of my favourites to watch. Any recommendation gratefully received....⠀
I've started exercising at home with weights in the mornings, I think this will be a routine that sticks. Have you found something you enjoy whilst in lockdown and will stick to it?⠀

Bride to be, this week if I've sent you your booking form, please return asap to secure your date with me. 2021 is looking busy and my 2022 diary now open. ⠀

My fabulous website wizard is working behind the scenes sorting my email account, hopefully I won't have anymore issues after today.🤞 I'll be responding to web enquiries later today when I can access my account. Sorry if you are having trouble getting an email back to me. ⠀

Get in touch asap to get booked in. Please do⠀
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara3 days ago
A video of how we achieved our crazy coloured hair. These are a lovely and easy temporary colour,on blonde hair they come out vibrant and darker hair a little less.
My pink washed out very well, I do have a tinge of pink.

The girls slept in theirs and a little duller today and be careful of your pillows!
I would say this product is perfect for a once off and for children ideal as very quick and easy to use with no chemicals. It does leave your hair feeling dry on the coloured parts.

#fashioncolours #haircoloursforkids #triplets #pinkhair #disneydescendants #trio #childrenshair
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara3 days ago
Sorry had to delete video spam! I hadnt realised I had the wrong size loaded.. do drop me a comment on what you think.

Video coming any minute xxx
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara4 days ago
Wowzers what a glorious day today.⠀
Hope you are all keeping well. ⠀

I took some well needed time out to have a pamper last night- facemask, nail polish, lash and brow dye & cutting my own hair! Have you attempted yours yet?! ⠀
I even curled and put makeup on today, it's been so long and doesn't it make you feel better?⠀

My daughters had their own little pamper day today too, nail polish and hair colouring. They have been nagging me for ages to colour their hair, I found this great temporary product and they are over the moon with the results.⠀

They are massive Disney Descendants fans, for those who don't know about it the girls have crazy coloured hair in the film..⠀

I have a video showing how it was achieved, drop me a comment below and let me know what you think...?⠀
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara6 days ago
Lets talk flower girl hair styles, its always a difficult one because often the little ones have flyaway fine hair. Also there is the worry of them sitting long enough to have a lovely hair!! ⠀

This is my daughter aged 6, she has your typical fine hair. With the right products and the iPad she sat brilliantly. This style took around 40mins to achieve, rest assured with the right products this will hold beautifully.⠀

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Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara
Wedding Hair by Tara1 week ago
▪︎Where are the days and time going? Anyone else feel like time has sped up the last few weeks???!

Here are some of the styles I've created in the last 2 months.

▪︎Which one is your favourite?
Contact me now to book for your big day!
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